Playing Nice Nice with Iran Won’t Work

In fact, New York’s County District Attorney General Robert Morgenthau, thinks Obama is on drugs for ignoring the growing threat from Iran.

 The president is smoking pot or something if he thinks that being nice to these guys is going to get him anywhere,” WSJ

The Administration is puffing away thinking that threats of sanctions are just as powerful as actually instituting the actual economic sanctions themselves. And meanwhile we see Mahmoud Ahmadinejad making a mockery of the United States’s appearance of weakness.

What Obama doesn’t realize is that the sanctions would work, in fact would make a significant impact because Iran’s enablers are not terrorists like themselves and are only out “to make a buck” and drying up Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s business would affect them to the point of more international pressure being placed upon him.

But Barack Obama thinks playing nice nice with a terrorist will show that the US is there “just to spread peace.” The only thing he’s spreading is Bo’s (his dog’s) crap on the bottom of his feet. And the stench is smelled around the world.


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