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The attack of the liberal robocallers

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I wonder how long into Obama’s Summit did the Democrats realize that the conference wasn’t going their way. Was it before or after when Obama felt the need to remind the Senators in the room that he was president? Was it before or after when Barack Obama told Senator Alexander that the CBO did not say insurance premiums would go up? Was it before or after Obama told Senator McCain that he needed to stop campaigning? Or did the look of forlornness and boredom give it away? (Hey, is he raising the middle finger again?)

But at some point Barack Obama had to know that things just weren’t going their way, and it all had to do with the demeanor and snide comments made by the President of the United States. ( I knew they should have given him a teleprompter)

Either way Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, after pounding their heads against the wall, decided that they had to put Plan B C D E………O into action. Operation ROBOCALL.

According to Politico, the Obama team will be hitting the airways calling radio talk shows trying to get the message out that “we need Obamacare.” My guess is that operatives from ACORN and SEIU will be the ones making the calls to such shows as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. And they’ll all be given the talking points and I assure you they won’t be straying from them like their Commander- in-Chief did today.


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Good Grief! He Does Think He’s the Messiah!

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The retiring congressmen from Arkansas, Marion Berry divulged to the Arkanas-Gazette that there were concerns about the coming elections in 2010 becoming a blood bath for Democrats. He stated that Obama dismissed the concerns by saying his popularity would bail everybody out.

“I’ve been doing that with this White House, and they just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.” [snip] Politico

How arrogant! How elitist! How narcisstic. In fact, if you look at the DMV manual, you’ll see that Obama definitely has a neurological disorder.

Anyone See a Problem Here?

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Several months ago General McCrystal requested 40,000 troops for the Afghanistan theater. Obama hemmed and hawed for several months, but then agreed to send 30,000 troops, but the delivery wouldn’t be until the summer.

There is a huge earthquake in Haiti and within 3 days 11,000 troops land on the shores of the island country.

Anyone see a problem here?

Rachel Maddow gets the coveted “Worst Person in the World Award”

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As of today tens of thousands of people have died because of the earthquake in Haiti. There is no food, no water, no shelter. People are in make-shift hospitals waiting to be treated for broken arms and legs. It’s a horrible situation to view.

This isn’t about who’s black or who’s white, who’s Republican or who’s Democrat, right? Wrong!

It seems that even in the midsts of tragedy the liberal media found time to toot the horn of Barack Obama and at the same time slam George W. Bush. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC (of course, who else?) felt the need to politicize an international tragedy by saying:

“The idea of more diplomacy and development — the idea of more USAID power — is a major part of the Obama administration’s agenda,” Maddow said. “… All of that, central to what the Obama administration says it wants to do differently than what Bush and Cheney did.” Raw Story

Instead of reporting on what every other news network is reporting, she decided to tout the Obama agenda. Kudos to Maddow! To quote Keith Olbermann, She get’s the “Worst Person in the World Award” for stupidity!

What’s amazing is that the story was difficult to find and the only clip available was from Jon Stewarts Comedy Central show. NONE of the liberal media, and only a few blogs even picked up on this story.

Success: The New Greed!

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Amerika! The land where you can have only a dollar in your pocket and then work hard and succeed! The land of opportunity. The land flowing with milk and honey! Amerika!

That’s what our immigrant grandparents said as they came into Ellis Island eons ago.

Our ancestors came from all parts of the world: England, Russia, Poland, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, etc. They came for one purpose and one purpose alone — to succeed. And that meant making money.

But now we see from the Obama administration that success means being greedy. If a company pays their top people a lot more than the average worker, then he’s condemned for his success. Nevermind the fact that if that person left the same company, the company could possibly take a financial dive and eventually close. Seems those in government have no clue as to what a CEO or other officer does in order to keep their respective companies afloat. They have this crazy idea that CEOs sit behind a desk all day long, smoking some stinky stogie and just chats on the phone with their mistresses.

A corporation hires an officer based upon how he helped his previous employer, how he increased the profits of the company, how he helped expand their business. And THAT is what he’s expected to do in the company he is in now.

So Obama wants to stop success. He wants to punish success! And the goal is to destroy the middle class in the process and make people dependent upon the government.

How long are we going to stay in our complacency and do nothing? How long are we going to let Obama take the food out of our mouths and our money out of our accounts?

Keep it up and we’ll be looking like Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.

I Wish I Lived in Haiti

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Like many people, I’ve been watching the film footage of the tragedy in Haiti. I’ve seen images of destroyed buildings, parents carrying their injured children and people in total grief over their losses from the 7.0 earthquake that hit the island nation.

It was great to see Obama stand up and offer aid to the destroyed nation. You know the aid will total into the millions. I wish I lived in Haiti!

Any money sent to Haiti by the Obama will go to rebuilding the homes and lives of the individuals living in Haiti. The government there will give the money out to help reconstruct the homes. This means there will be jobs created. And those workers will then have money to spend for food, which means the local economy will get a leg up in their own recovery.

The money will go to road construction, and that’s good also, but the brunt of it will go to rebuilding the actual communities of the devastated country. Shops will be rebuilt, homes will be rebuilt and then life can continue on with no future need of assistance.

But here in the United States, Obama’s stimulus money is not stimulating anything but the pockets of those in Unions and local governments. The stimulus has not gone for helping the citizenry of this country at all. All you see is road work being done (temporary work) and other municipality kind of work. But nothing has gone into the construction industry, where the economic crisis began.

What does it take to get Obama to infuse our economy with money for our construction? Should we be wishing for an earthquake to hit us on a larger scale in order to get him to pay attention and actually help rebuild our economy?