November 2009 began an era like no other. Barack Obama became president of the United States.  He promised a massive reformation of this country, but we just didn’t realize just to what the extent would be.

It’s a few weeks short of a year now and Barack Obama is in the process of destroying this nation economically and politically. We are in the midst of the worse recession since the Depression of 1929; the unemployment rate as of this date is 10%; our housing market is in the dust; production is continuing to decline; the Unions have gained power; the biggest boondoggle of a health care bill is about to be passed in Congress and we are in Afghanistan with only a pittance of support which is reminiscent of the Vietnam era. This is not the change anyone expected.

I’m hoping I can end this blog come November of 2012 with the defeat of Obama for a second term, sending him and his family back to the cronies of Chicago. Until then, this blog’s purpose is to chronologically detail those days until that day. And if Obama should win another term, I will continue with the journal for another four years. I can only hope that America has survived the reign of Marxism.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Obama was elected in November, 2008. He took office in January of 2009. Not a good start to your blog.

    That being said, you are stating that the point of your blog is not to learn or examine truth, but to destroy Obama. You’ve already decided that everything he does, and will do, is bad. This is pure ideology. It’s too bad, because it used to be that discourse and reason was the key to a better understanding of the world around us. For you it comes down to reading ONLY those things you agree with (as evidenced by your blogroll) and spew hatred.

    The really sad thing for me is that your logo says “Jesus Saves”. I agree that He does, but the hatred you exhibit here makes me ashamed.

    • I wasn’t aware that people weren’t allowed their own opinion. Did we suddenly lose our freedom of expression? And of course when Bush was in office you weren’t one of those people who thought he “stole” the election or should be impeached, right? You supported him all the way, right? Sniff, sniff. Do I smell hypocrisy?

      You know there’s one good thing about blogs…….you don’t have to read what you don’t agree with. Feel free to click the left arrow next time you’re in my neck of the woods.

      • I voted for George W. Twice. I started out the 2008 election as a donor to John McCain. I left McCain when he decided it was more important to court the wingnut’s on the right instead of being the pragmatic problem solver that made him a great Senator.

        Here’s the deal, and it’s why I call my blog “Ideology Kills”…and I hate to break this to you…no one side has it right! On health care the dems are right (in my view)…on abortion the Republicans are right (in my view)…on terror the Republicans USED TO BE right, but now they’ve lost the principle that used to underpin their struggle…Bush was right about Iraq…and Obama has got it wrong in Afghanistan.

        So here’s the deal, when you only read one side, you only understand one side. When you say the logo for the missle defense program is now the Obama logo and the Muslim crescent – because you’re so filled with hatred for our President – you lose credibility. When you say the Speaker of the House should be waterboarded, you do not sound like a Christian – even if you’re joking!

        I’m on a mission to – in my little world – restore some principle and dignity to the discourse. I’m appalled at what my Christian brothers and sisters are saying about Obama! It makes me sad.

        Anyway, I hope you’ll continue to contribute to my blog, and I would like to continue contributing to yours. Not spammy articles, but actual ideas.

      • For the most part, I’m not in disagreement with you. Bush didn’t end up being the conservative I had hoped he would have been. I didn’t agree with him on immigration as well as his last piece of legislation on the bailouts. McCain? Forget it! The man is a RINO, thus useless. That’s why he’s in the fight for his life in AZ.

        But Obama is a dangerous man. Ignoring his arrogance, it’s HIS idealogy I have problems with. I don’t know how much research you’ve done on Obama, but his early contacts with people like Frank Marshall Davis is unsettling. The man was an avoid Communist. Any google search will verify that. I’ve also read Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope, and was concerned about his college years where he sought out those who were radical and Marxists. And Obama has even admitted that.

        Then we come across the good ole Reverand Jeremiah Wright. To be honest, I don’t think Obama spent much time in the pews, so he may as well not known about Wright’s Black Theology. The reason I say that is the Obama’s tax records show he didn’t tithe and I’m quite sure Wright taught about tithing.

        In reading “Audacity” he mentions how he was told in the early community organizer days to hook up with a local church and was told that Wright was one of the well known preachers of the neighborhood. He had to look like he was a “member.” He even had his daughters baptisted there (for appearance, I’m sure). But Obama heard enough messages to pass himself off as a “christian man.”

        Of course we all know about Bill Ayers. That’s not even rehashing. Besides Ayers being the one who introduced him to the political world, they both sat on the same board thus Obama was familiar with the Marxist philosophy of Ayers.

        But that’s old history. What I’m concerned about is TODAY. I’m concerned that in spite o the fact that the majority of Americans don’t like the health care plan as it stands, he plans to ram it down our throats. Most Americans want to see congress start from scratch but he knows if that’s done it won’t look anything like the plan he wants.

        I also have problems with his stimulus bills as well as the bail outs. They are destroying our economy!!! The you see the nationalization of banks, the auto industry as well as Wall Street. This is not what capitalism is all about. He’s thwarting free enterprise!

        As a speaker, Obama is very talented. As the president of the United States, he’s a disaster. And that’s what the site is all about.

        You rail also against me for the Pelosi post. Yes, it was a headline grabber. But I’d like for you to show me the chapter and verse where creating the headline is anything close to being unchristian. That’s ridiculous. It’s writing an article. It’s no worse than you calling Eric Kantor a child.

        Btw, I also have a blog that is strictly political news, where I post articles from both sides of the aisle. This is an opinion blog, just like yours is.

        And yes, I’d like to see you post your opinions….but how about doing it on the actual articles instead of the ABOUT?

  2. Where’s the data on the views of the American people with respect to health reform? I’m sure you have some of the data. Can you provide?

    I’ll post comments on your blog posts.

    Opinions are not un-christian, of course. Saying someone should be water-boarded probably is. I’m not sure calling someone a “child” is particularly un-christian, but it certainly isn’t nice! I probably should refrain from that kind of thing. I had just watched his exchange with Obama in the Summit where he completely laid an egg…and with that stack of paper in front of him! I was laughing.

    By the way, Bush left a $1.3 trillion structural deficit when he left office. The bailouts were passed under his watch, and largely at his (and his Treasury Secretary’s) direction. Did you blog back then about how Bush is ruining the economy?

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