Paying back the devil

Obama owes the Unions for handing him the presidency and he owes them big time. And he’s paying back big time.

We’ve seen the White House visitor’s list with SEIU’s Andy Stern on the top of that roster. We’ve also seen unions getting the money from the Stimulus bills through municipality jobs. We’ve also seen the government takeover of the auto industry so the unions could keep their stake in those huge corporations. We’ve also seen Andy Stern under consideration on the Deficit Reduction Board.

Now Obama’s decided that the only way companies will be able to get goverment contracts to those who would be friendly to unions. Obama’s plan is to offer contracts to companies that “offer better levels of pay, health coverage, pensions and other benefits.” Translation: Union jobs.

It’s a gift for organized labor! And that gift would drive up costs for government projects at the same time.  The other downside would be that it would hurt small businesses, which is the center of our economy.

Obama continues to prove that he is against the free market and plans to run this country the old Chicago style.

Payback’s a bitch and we’re the one being screwed.


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