The back door of the Summit

As I write, the Summit debate is in the background and yes, it’s boring already. And I’m sure the participants are bored as well.

The purpose of the Summit? Supposedly to change the atmosphere of the debate. But change in what direction? Obviously the change desired by the Democrats is that the Republicans would crawl over to their side whining mea culpas all the way to the confessional. And the Republicans? That the Democrats would back off the government control of the American health care system that their bill embraces.

But at 4 pm what epiphany shall be reached? None.

Even before 10 am, the Democrats had already decided that Monday would be the “Big Push” day to begin to ramroding the Senate bill through Congress. The Democrats will take Obama’s 11 page bill and start disecting it with hopes that the “smaller” bill can be shoved through without having to worry about the Republicans filibustering it.

But the long and short of this is that Obama, nor the Democrats, expect anything more than political posturing from this meeting. No one honestly expects this to end up in a lovefest. It’s just a moment where Democrats can show that they actually sat down with Republicans and tried to hash out a bill. But the result will be a few compromises on both sides but none being enough to bring about the change of votes on the final count.

Obama and the Democrats are addressing their concerns to the wrong people. The only thing that is holding up the Democratic health plan are the Democrats themselves. The Republicans are already united in not voting for the bills before them.  It’s the Democrats who still can’t get their own totally on board. And as of this writing, there are about 10-12 Democrat House members who won’t be voting for the Senate bill, nor on Obama’s version.

So this Summit is an exercise of futility and all the work to pass the Democratic plan is going on at the back door of the Summit.


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