Acme Insurance

During the Summit, Obama recounted when he was a young man in college that he had bought auto insurance on his old beat up car and that he got into an accident, being rear-ended by another driver. Obama stated that he called up “Acme Insurance” and told them about the accident and that “Acme Insurance laughed” at him. Obama implied that insurance wasn’t insurance….namely that insurance companies back then were scheisters.

But Obama neglected to mention a few issues and in doing so lead the public to believe that “Acme Insurance” was some evil and greedy corporation. First of all, Obama admitted that he had an old beat up car. The chances he carried comprehensive insurance on the car is highly unlikely. The policy he most likely had dealt with any injury or damage incurred on the OTHER CAR. Since his  junker essentially had no value, there was no coverage on his vehicle. Thus filing a claim on HIS CAR would be laughed at. And I’m quite sure “Acme Insurance” explained the coverage to him.

This is just another example of Barack Obama engaging of sins of omission in order to support a position. Simply put, once  more, he lied.


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