The votes aren’t there!

We all can picture Nancy Pelosi sitting in her overstuffed office chair, made from Tuscan leather, of course, rubbing her hands gleefully and then pushing on her latest botox patch on her face. She cackles silently as she sees her life long dream of  the ultimate liberal power in her grasp. “Health care is mine!” she sneers (can’t smile too much because of the latest botox treatment is still puffy around the mouth.)

But Nancy could be looking through her Niaman and Marcus catalogue way too soon. She might not have the votes to pass the reconciled health care bill after all.

Rep. Eric Cantor’s memo details how the vote count for Pelosi just isn’t there, thanks to vacancies (3), pro-life walks (at least 12), possible spite from retiring members (e.g. Marion Berry), and potential switches from members whose Democratic senator does so first

Here is Cantor’s target list of potential switches — those who voted “yea” during the 220–215 health-care vote in November 2009 and, in his analysis, are now in a position to vote “no” on a reconciliation bill: 

Cao, Anh (La.)

Costello, Jerry (Ill.)

Dahlkemper, Kathy (Pa.)

Donnelly, Joe (Ind.)

Driehaus, Steve (Ohio)

Ellsworth, Brad (Ind.)

Kaptur, Marcy (Ohio)

Kildee, Dale (Mich.)

Lipinski, Dan (Ill.)

Oberstar, Jim (Minn.)

Stupak, Bart (Mich.)

Wilson, Charlie (Ohio)

Donnelly, Joe (Ind.)

Hill, Baron (Ind.)

Mollohan, Allan (W.V.)

Pomeroy, Earl (N.D.)

Rahall, Nick (W.V.)

Berry, Marion (Ark.)

So Nancy, dear, don’t get too comfortable in that leather chair. It won’t be yours after November. It’s for the NEXT Speaker of the House.


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