Just because the Chicago Tribune says it, it don’t make it so

Seems the Chicago Tribune is going through a case of  wishful thinking which is pretty much like the Swine Flu because  my response to their editorial, “Will of the People Backs Health Reform” can be simply put as “when pigs fly!”

First of all, the author won’t even man up and put his name on the Op-ed. If you feel you’re right about something, plaster your name all over the piece. So apparently the writer knows he can’t back up what he wrote……and he can’t.

Secondly, the editor chose the Kaiser Health Tracking Poll for its source. Kaiser? Didn’t want to use a more prominent polling group? But be it as it may, if you go by what the polls stated and the headline of the Op-ed, the editor down right lied. An even split of 43% -43% does not show public support at all. Last I heard, that was called a TIE, a DRAW, EVEN STEVENS, but definitely not a win for the liberals, the Democrats nor Obama.

And in looking at the different polls, it would appear that the Chicago Tribune could only find Kaiser that came anywhere near supporting the health care legislation that is before Congress right now.

In fact, since Scott Brown won his Massachusett’s Senate seat, most Americans (55% Gallup Poll) favor just shelving the whole health care idea which means that the majority are NOT in favor of the bills presently before Congress, which is a stark contrast to what the Chicago Tribune is reporting.

This is also in line with the Rasmussen Poll which shows that only 41% actually support the idea of the Health care bill. This is a far cry from the Chicago Tribune headline which tries to infer support.

No wonder liberal rags like the ChicagoTribune and New York Times are having problems with readership — they can’t even show honesty to the ones that actually support them financially. R.I.P.


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