Let the people decide!

We are about to have the biggest government intrusion thrust upon us and we, the people, have been left out of the process.

I know we have a “representative” government, but there is no evidence that we are actually being represented by our congressmen and senators. As much as we call their offices, send letters, zip off emails to them, all we are getting are the standard, “Thank you for contacting my office……..” and then the rant on how national health care will be so gooooooooooooooood for us. And then what we wrote is totally ignored.

Since this is the biggest legislation ever thrust on Americans as well as the most government intrusion to ever to be forced upon us, I believe that we as individuals should be asked if we want this in our lives. There should be a public referendum.

But the referendum also needs to be honest and not “loaded” to elicit a specific response. It has to be honest in stating that this health care legislation would cause increases in taxes, would have punitive actions if refused as well as NOT being able to keep your insurance or physicians. Then ask if the public wants national health care.

But do you think the government, which includes Congress and the President, feel secure in letting the voting public decide their fate? Of course not. They know very well that the public would vote against the health care bill as written (as well as Obama’s new bill).

And it’s because of that we should DEMAND A REFERENDUM!


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