Shut off your TVs

That’s what Barack Obama wants everyone to shut off their TVs, shut off  CNN, FOX, etc because it’s all about politics.

Excuse me? He would rather people be misinformed so they can be bamboozled more? It’s because of cable news and the Internet that people have become more aware of the scam that Obama was trying to perpetrate on America using National Health Care as the tool. It’s because people became informed that the same population rose up and yelled a resounding NO to the socialistic programs of Obama.

And now he wants us to shut our TVs off? Not gonna happen. In fact, because of the Obama scam, more people are tuning into cable TV, especially FOX (note the ratings) and will continue to be informed.


6 Responses to “Shut off your TVs”

  1. Wow, are you totally misinformed 🙂

  2. Instead of making a blanket statement, why don’t you explain your position how I’m wrong?

  3. So sorry about not continuing; but really it’s not out of cowardliness, it’s just that you are so mis-informed on so many issues it seems futile to discuss anything with you. If you get all of your information from corporate run media such as the likes of Ruppert Murdoch, really what can you offer in a debate.

    • You go assuming a lot of things. If you look at my other blog, a great deal of my posts come from the MSM. I even grabbed the post about Palin’s crib notes from Huffington Post, which seems to the general source for that story.

      But after three attempts to get you to discuss your comment that I’m “so misinformed,” you’ve yet to show me how I am. Seems you’re more into personal attacks than actual discussion. Thus is the reason that you have me blocked from posting on your own blog. You can’t handle discussing FACTS. That’s very obvious. Unlike you, I won’t block you from posting here.

  4. The President has always talked about cable news being more like those ridiculous wresting shows, where all the commentators, liberal and conservative, stretch the facts to suit their own agendas to appeal to their viewers. He’s always included MSNBC in those comparisons.
    And he’s right.

    • But how are you to be informed if you’re not looking at all opinions. I watch the whole gambit ranging from FOX to MSNBC. I look at all opinions and decide which I feel is correct. If you stop watching the news then all you have are people who can’t even tell you what the three branches of government are nevermind who the head of the USSC is. I’d rather talk to someone who at least makes an attempt to know what’s going on instead of someone who gets their news from the evening local news.

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