Who’s Obama Fighting?

Barack Obama has repeatedly laid the blame of his failures at the feet of the Republicans. He said health care hasn’t passed because of Republicans. He said he’s had problems with other economic bills because of the Republicans thwarting his efforts.

How can he say this? The Democrats are in power. The Senate has 60 votes! They have the majority. They could easily pass ANY piece of legislation at 60 – 4o votes.

But the problem IS NOT THE REPUBLICANS. The problem is WITHIN his own party. Obama can’t get DEMOCRATS on board. That’s why you’ve seen the “Louisiana Purchase” where Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana was bribed with $300 million  in order to vote for the Health care plan. Then there was the “Cornhusker Kickback” where Senator Ben Nelson was bribed with a bit over $100 million. And there are a few more bribes along the way.

You don’t see Obama trying to bribe Republicans. Why should he? He has enough problems within his own Party. So he’s pointing his finger and laying the blame in the wrong direction. But if he points out those Blue Dog Democrats, he shows the political world that his own Party is crumbling under is own feet.


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