Obama inherited a burning house

Barack Obama repeatedly has blamed his problems on the previous administation. He blames George Bush for the economy. He blames George Bush for the wars we are in. Obama blames George Bush for mostly everything he thinks he can’t fix.

And he’s pretty much correct.  He did inherit a large problem. But he also campaigned saying he could fix it. That’s why he won the election. But there comes a point where you stop blaming and start doing. Instead, he’s only made it worse. Yet he still blames it on George Bush.

This is like a house  with it’s porch on fire and the firemen coming to put the fire out. But instead of using water, they throw gasoline on it sending plumes of flame into the air and the house a total disaster. When the firemen are yelled at for the fire, they said, “Hey, it was on fire when I got here. Don’t go blaming me!”

We know that Obama has a large task ahead of him but he’s handling it all wrong. He keeps putting gasoline on the fire instead of putting it out. But before he can actually fix anything, he has to start taking ownership of it.

Then he can start putting the fire out by:

1. Putting the stimulus into the hands of the workers instead of the Unions. The average person will either pay off their bills, buy large ticketed items or put the money as a down payment for a new home.

2. Encourage new home construction or remodeling through large tax credits (the economy tanked because of the housing industry, so that’s where the recovery should take place)

3. Let businesses fail. There is no such thing as a business too big to fail. Let them go through a normal bankruptcy procedure which would allow those companies (or banks) be liquidated and bought up by stronger companies or banks. It’s not the government’s business to own any free market business or bank. It’s called NATIONALIZING, which is NOT constitutional.

4. Decreasing corporate taxes. No one’s ever been hired by a poor person.

So, Mr. Obama, stop blaming George Bush and start using the right tools to put the fires out, NOW, before you make it even worse.


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