A Shot Heard Around the Country!

Back in 1776, the shot was heard around the world and it started a revolution in Boston. Now it’s 2010 and another revolution has started in Boston. Scott Brown won the Senate Seat that had been in Democratic hands for 60 years, and most recently won by the former Senator, Ted Kennedy.

But this race was not about Brown and Coakley but it was about Americans getting into Barack Obama’s face saying they are sick and tired of having a national health care bill shoved down their throats. They are sick and tired of the socialistic spending going on that is nothing but payback for votes.

Obama and the rest of the liberals better wake up and see that the American public have had enough, or there will be a lot more “shots” coming in November.

The Tea Party Patriots started a revolution in 1776 and the modern Tea Party Patriots began one on January 19, 2010!


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