Success: The New Greed!

Amerika! The land where you can have only a dollar in your pocket and then work hard and succeed! The land of opportunity. The land flowing with milk and honey! Amerika!

That’s what our immigrant grandparents said as they came into Ellis Island eons ago.

Our ancestors came from all parts of the world: England, Russia, Poland, France, Ireland, Germany, Italy, etc. They came for one purpose and one purpose alone — to succeed. And that meant making money.

But now we see from the Obama administration that success means being greedy. If a company pays their top people a lot more than the average worker, then he’s condemned for his success. Nevermind the fact that if that person left the same company, the company could possibly take a financial dive and eventually close. Seems those in government have no clue as to what a CEO or other officer does in order to keep their respective companies afloat. They have this crazy idea that CEOs sit behind a desk all day long, smoking some stinky stogie and just chats on the phone with their mistresses.

A corporation hires an officer based upon how he helped his previous employer, how he increased the profits of the company, how he helped expand their business. And THAT is what he’s expected to do in the company he is in now.

So Obama wants to stop success. He wants to punish success! And the goal is to destroy the middle class in the process and make people dependent upon the government.

How long are we going to stay in our complacency and do nothing? How long are we going to let Obama take the food out of our mouths and our money out of our accounts?

Keep it up and we’ll be looking like Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela.


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