Is the Price Right?

There’s this game show called “The Price is Right!” where contestants have to choose among three doors; DOOR NUMBER ONE, DOOR NUMBER TWO, and DOOR NUMBER THREE.

Unbeknownst to the voters in 2008 we chose DOOR NUMBER ONE. With the promises of “change we can believe in,” we half way expected no more than the status quo. The economy was beginning to falter, though unemployment remained even; we were at war in two countries and the housing market was bottoming out. We had hopes that Barack Obama would have at least used capitalism to the positive end and just handled things the way recessions in the past had been handled.

Instead, when DOOR NUMBER ONE was opened, we found an empty satchel, except for a few coins in the bottom. Our economy took a nose dive. The construction industry crashed, the housing industry crashed and we went from being 5.4% unemployment to 10% unemployment. The cure (Stimulus) was worse than the disease. And Obama’s answer was to prop up an auto industry that deserved to be in a graveyard. Obama also bailed out Wall Street in the tune of $33 billion dollars. In turn he rose our deficit up beyond we’d ever seen (and then congress raised the debt ceiling).

Then there’s DOOR NUMBER TWO. We thought this one could no way be any worse than what we had experienced with Door Number One, right? WE had a healthcare system which in itself was considered the best system in the world. People from all over the world were coming here to get services they couldn’t get in their own countries with socialized medicine. Sure we needed to handle such things as tort reform, expansion of insurance coverage across state lines as well the concern over pre-existing conditions. But Barack Obama, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to throw out the baby with the bath water and replaced it with hogs in mud. The whole healthcare system just stinks.

But now we’re looking at DOOR NUMBER THREE. Pssst! I hear it’s about Immigration…….


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