I Wish I Lived in Haiti

Like many people, I’ve been watching the film footage of the tragedy in Haiti. I’ve seen images of destroyed buildings, parents carrying their injured children and people in total grief over their losses from the 7.0 earthquake that hit the island nation.

It was great to see Obama stand up and offer aid to the destroyed nation. You know the aid will total into the millions. I wish I lived in Haiti!

Any money sent to Haiti by the Obama will go to rebuilding the homes and lives of the individuals living in Haiti. The government there will give the money out to help reconstruct the homes. This means there will be jobs created. And those workers will then have money to spend for food, which means the local economy will get a leg up in their own recovery.

The money will go to road construction, and that’s good also, but the brunt of it will go to rebuilding the actual communities of the devastated country. Shops will be rebuilt, homes will be rebuilt and then life can continue on with no future need of assistance.

But here in the United States, Obama’s stimulus money is not stimulating anything but the pockets of those in Unions and local governments. The stimulus has not gone for helping the citizenry of this country at all. All you see is road work being done (temporary work) and other municipality kind of work. But nothing has gone into the construction industry, where the economic crisis began.

What does it take to get Obama to infuse our economy with money for our construction? Should we be wishing for an earthquake to hit us on a larger scale in order to get him to pay attention and actually help rebuild our economy?


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