Don’t Do as I Do

If you’re learning to drive for the first time, you don’t want the instructor to have a long history of speeding tickets. If you’re learning to cook, you want to learn from someone who thinks an elegant night out is going to McDonald’s and placing a candle on top of a burger. You want the person in authority to live what they teach.

This holds true also in the case of the US Surgeon General who gives the public the knowledge to live healthy lives. But Barack Obama’s US Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin is not the epitome of health. Besides a family history of high blood pressure and diabetes, she also carries a lot of weight on her small frame. She stated that her father having high blood pressure and diabetes and her mother’s lung cancer were all preventable, but her own body image shows she doesn’t take her own words to heart.

How can Dr Benjamin be a good example for young people when she doesn’t practice what she preaches? The good doctor has a fabulous list of credentials but when the same doctor is in a public position where she is in charge of health issues concerning our nation, all eyes would be on her. And if the public is seeing  someone who is not doing as she preaches, then the public tends to make light of the issues being addressed.


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