Is Harry Reid Really Forgiven?

I’m sure about now that Harry Reid wishes he could take back his words. Obviously he meant his words as a compliment to Obama but commenting on how he had no “negro dialect” showed he harbored some racial discrimination.

But Reid apologized to Obama and Obama excepted his apology and the now the story’s been put to bed, right? Hardly. Even members of Reid’s own party are slamming their heads against tables whimpering softly, “dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb!” and fearing that his comments could hurt his future as well as the Democratic outlook in 2010.

“He’s in deep trouble, I think,” said one senior aide to a member of the House Democratic leadership. “Even with the apology, no matter what it’s a negative thing. There are a lot of minorities that vote [in Nevada].” Daily Caller (congrats on the launching of your new site)

And with Reid’s poll numbers in Nevada already at 33 percent, this could smack his numbers even lower. So now it’s a case of the “limbo factor’ of how low can his polling numbers go.

But of course the Democrats are also worried about the effect Reid’s remarks will have on the rest of Congress. They’re already starting to feel the effect of their support for a very unpopular healthcare plan and their own political futures are in jeopardy. They really didn’t need anymore negative news. And the calls for resignation are in the wind.

Markos Moulitsas, the prominent liberal blogger and grassroots activist, went one step further, stating on his Twitter feed that he hoped Reid would not only resign leadership but also retire, “so we can hold the Nevada Senate seat.” [Daily Caller]

Will Harry Reid sacrifice himself for the good of the Party like Senator Chris Dodd did just the other week?

So as much as Barack Obama accepted Harry Reid’s apology, the apology has definitely not been enough for the Democrats.


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