The Iranian Deadline Came and Went

Iran was supposed to respond to a year’s worth of overtures and begin backing off from their threats of a nuclear build up. But 2009 went and now we’re in 2010 and nothing has happened.

Back in July Secretary Robert Gates had stated that the United States had given Iran until the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in September to respond to American overtures.

That deadline came and went.

Then Obama extended the same deadline until the end of 2009.

That deadline came and went. Now what?

So when a deadline has come and gone, what do you do? Easy! You deny there ever was a deadline.

“Now, we’ve avoided using the term ‘deadline’ ourselves,” said Secretary Clinton. “That’s not a term that we have used, because we want to keep the door to dialogue open.” Commentary Magazine

Iran has called our bluff and found the Obama administration unable to back their rhetoric with a big stick. And I don’t think anyone’s expecting the Obama administration to start whittling a branch anytime soon, unless it’s a branch of  surrender.

Obama must be in a tizzy, not understanding why no one wants to just drop their guns at the mere mention of his name. His ego has no boundaries.


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