So NOW They Think About Jobs…..

After spending almost a year on this boondoggle of a healthcare bill, Congress and Obama suddenly came to a realization that jobs have to be created (not that government really does create jobs). After racking up our debt to over $3 trillion, the White House suddenly got a clue that they are in the midst of bankrupting this country (no they really haven’t had that lightbulb go off in their heads yet) and unemployment has not gone below the 8% as they predicted. They are in a panic mode now!

“We have to continue to explore every avenue to accelerate the return to hiring,” Obama said Friday in response to the report The Hill

Continued? Is that what he said? There has been nothing about job growth in his entire stimulus bill. The package did not add any permanent jobs to the roll, in fact, jobs have continued to decline at a rapid rate.

But his answer? GREEN JOBS! And Obama touted how it would create 17,000 jobs. 17,000? That’s it? Since Obama assent to office, we’ve lost over  3 million jobs and he’s ecstatic about getting 17,000? And the cost? A mere $5 billion. If my calculation is right, that comes at a cost of $294,417 per person. What idiotic economist advised Obama on this brainy idea?

If the Obama administration would just take on a hands off approach, stop adding taxes and healthcare expenses to employers and employees, our free market system would heal itself. But if all employers have to look forward to is forced coverage of employees and higher taxes, there is no incentive to keep their doors open.

Keep your hands off our economy and let the free market work! It’s worked all these years. It’s not until the federal government added their grubby hands into the economy, that  our country took a nose-dive. Now back off!


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