Obama’s Paid Hack

We’ve all seen Op-Ed pieces from professionals that support or oppose different issues concerning Obama’s healthcare bill and we either read then or we don’t. They’re allowed their opinions. But if those professionals were paid by the Obama administration to write such pieces in the hopes of persuading the public, based upon their credentials, what would you think? Would you think it’s an attempt by the White House to spread propaganda? You should.

Jonathan Gruber, a well-known health economist at MIT and a member of the board that oversees Massachusetts’ landmark health overhaul has written several articles in well known publications supporting Obama’s healthcare plan such as the Washington Post. In the Post Gruber showed support for Obama’s Cadillac Tax. He’s also been quoted by other sources and purported himself as a consultant on the healthcare bill for those on both sides of the issue.

But there’s one problem. The man is a paid consultant of the Obama White House in the tune of $400,000. The man obviously knows which side of the bread is buttered on and is lobbying for the White House position on Healthcare. And all this time Gruber has neglected to mention to anyone his financial dealings with the Obama administration.

This is just another example of the transparency of this administration. If this White House gets anymore transparent, we’re all going to have to invest in x-ray vision glasses.


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