Iran is About to Blow and Obama Hasn’t a Clue What He’s Doing

Iran has been threatening building a bomb [oh wait, that’s a nuclear plant for energy, oh right!] and all we’ve heard up to this point is pontification from the Obama administration. Obama talks about sanctions but has no meat behind those words…..and Iran knows that. The deadline for the mullahs to make a deal on the enrichment of uranium has passed and Obama decided a Hawaiian vacation was in order.

And the response from the administration was oh so expected. Pure……….rhetoric.

Translation? We don’t have a clue.

Did Obama and company think Iran was going to roll over dead at our mere “strong” words? Nah, Obama already took the bite out of our words when he cowered before world leaders this past year. I think Iran is still laughing about that “bow” before the Saudi Prince.

Obama talked a good game during his campaign but just like the rest of the things he promised, he’s been proven to have engaged in campaign rhetoric instead of actually being truthful.

But the actuality of the situation is that sanctions are off the table thanks to the Chinese [who are in business with Iran]. So what does Obama plan to do; Raise his hands up in the air and cry, “Oh well!”?

Obama has castrated America with all the kowtowing he’s done around the world.  When George Bush was in office, the world paid attention. With Obama, they cover their mouths and snicker. It’s time now that Obama actually “grew a pair” and showed some leadership on the world stage before Iran blows our rear ends out of the water.


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