Dems See the Handwriting on the Wall

For most of the year our congressmen (and women) have been busy trying to pass Obama’s healthcare bill. This became the congressional obsession; everything else took second place. The members of congress were going to get the bill passed “at all cost.”

But now that Congress is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they are stepping back realizing that their decision to pass a very unpopular bill could cost them politically. All along they kept their blinders on, but suddenly removed them to the reality of their own political lives. It’s as if they had not been seeing the emails, getting the voice mails from their constituents that showed a dramatic disapproval of this legislation and find themselves dumbfounded.

Some in Congress are still in denial. Senator Harry Reid, despite his 54%  disapproval rating doesn’t see his own Waterloo. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t care if she’s not popular, still sees herself as being invincible despite of her numbers having plummeted to the 30 percentile.

But some Democrats have removed the film from their eyes and see that the Party future is beginning to look bleak. Dan Boren, the representative from Oklahoma stated:

“Those pieces of legislation defined my 111th (Congress),” Boren said of health-care and cap-and-trade bills..

He said that kind of agenda helped threaten Democrats’ majorities in the House and Senate, adding that his constituents believe the economy should be the focus right now and other issues such as health care are more of a distraction

“The Democratic Party has done it to itself,” Boren said Tulsa World

And these kinds of remarks have been reverberating around the country, especially when these same Democrats are seeing their colleagues in Congress deciding to retire or not run for re-election.

It’s sad that so many of these Congressmen just now came to the realization of their political demise. They should have paid attention to their constituents and LISTENED. But it’s not too late. They still could do the right thing and vote against both bills, bringing this whole ugly mess to it’s rightful death.


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