Why Did Chris Dodd Go Away So Easily?

Chris Dodd has been the Senator of Connecticut for over 30 years.He’s the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. He oversaw with Ted Kennedy while he was alive this health care overhaul. He oversaw much of the stimulus package. Chris Dodd just ran for president of the United States last election cycle.

Since then he’s also been found  with his hands dirty when it came to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as getting a sweetheart loan from Country Wide. These dealings have made his poll numbers plumet considerably and from the looks of things, he would have most likely suffered a serious defeat in November. And this would have also affected the body numbers in the Democratic congress. But suddenly….

SEN. CHRIS DODD, D-CONN.: After 35 years representing the people of Connecticut in the United States Congress, I will not be a candidate for re-election this November. There are moments for each elected public official to step aside and let someone else step up. This is my moment to step aside

This was not surprising and I felt this would happen. I also knew that the Democrats would talk to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and ask him to run in Dodd’s stead………….and I was right. Blumenthal is rather popular in this blue state even though many see him as being too intrusive and pro-government. He’s the Democrat’s dream candidate and the conservative’s nightmare. Never say never but this most likely would continue the Democratic seat in congress.

But one question has plagued me since listening to the speech by Dodd — with Dodd have an ego the size of Manhattan, why would he even consider declining to run again? What’s in it for him?

A golden parachute? What kind of golden parachutes would the liberals have dangled in front of Chris Dodd? Or is there a financial institution that has asked him to assist them (with political ties in Washington) in the next decade? Or will Dodd become one of Obama’s financial czars? Never fear, boys and girls, we’ll follow the trail and get back to you on this.


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