The “Shock” Speech that Had no Zap

We were all prepared to hear a speech from Barack Obama concerning the attempted bombing of Flight 253, to be about startling information and that heads were going to roll. Neither of that happened.

I watched the video. Shameful.

ON SUBSTANCE: He proposed no fixes, no blame except a vague “failure to connect the dots”, but no heads will roll for this. His comment, “the buck stops here” is fine and dandy, but this buck didn’t get his attention. He said nothing about how to fix the problem.

ON DELIVERY: Cold, cold, cold. Arrogant, using broad “a’s”, it was clear he was reading and frankly didn’t care. Facial expressions and mouth exaggerations are typical of people who want to seem smarter than they are. Again, the “Let’s be clear” comment, as though only he can lend clarity to the situation. Narcissist to the fullest.

This statement said nothing we didn’t already know and proposed nothing we could rely upon. It isn’t the statement of a leader.


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