Louisiana Gives Senator Mary Landrieu the Middle Finger

I’m sure the good senator thought that accepting the $300 million bribe entitlement for her vote for the healthcare bill would have pleased the state of Louisiana, but she was sorely mistaken. Seems like the state of Louisiana would rather not have a healthcare legislation shoved down their throats and not have a Senator who can be easily swayed with money. So as her reward for her ineptness as a Senator, Louisiana has filed a petition of recall to have her removed from office.

“On Dec. 29, a recall petition was filed by Ruben Leblanc of New Iberia, for the recall of Mary Landrieu. Sec. of State Jay Darden stated that he WILL accept the filing.”

Kinda like chicken fried bacon, this limited time offer won’t last. Citizens have 180 days starting Dec. 29 so get with it today if you would like to see Me-ry “Louisiana Purchase” Landrieu hit the bricks before her service is up.

Apparently what triggered this was not just the acceptance of the money for a Yea vote, but other things as well.

If the story reported by The Dead Pelican this weekend holds true, that she used her vote for Obamacare to bargain for national democratic support for her brother’s mayoral campaign, I’d say more than a recall is in order.

It looks like Americans are waking up from their sleep, where they’ve let their politicians pretty much do what they want, and finally said enough is enough. And the Democratic heads are starting to roll



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