How is Obama Going to be Re-elected? Chicago Style!

Obama’s approval rating less than a year ago was about 65%. He was elected on the campaign of “change you can believe in.” And he made a multitude of promises, the important ones yet to be kept. Some moderates are even backing off from Obama and his approval rating as of today’s writing is at 54% disapproval rating. At the rate Obama’s going and with the healthcare bill about to be passed (to the chagrin of most people), the chance of his rating going up is slim.

So how does Obama see his prospect at being re-elected? Is he worried? Probably not. He already knows that money influences votes (i.e. Senator Mary Landrieu and Senator Ben Nelson) and there’s plenty of it around. And to start this game are the two best money man Obama has: Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, his Chicago men who helped him get into the White House – Obama’s bag men!

But Obama has plenty of time to change the voting arena. Be rest assured that once the Healthcare bill being passed and put to bed, the next legislation Obama will be honing in on will be a major reform of the immigration laws in this country. Obama will make every effort to expand citizenship to illegal aliens, thus increasing the voter base that would obviously vote for him. And the group who is licking Obama’s feet is none other than ACORN who will be part of the process. And there is no doubt we will see a rise of liberal 527 groups that are financed by George Soros (the same George Soros who put up $15 million of his own money in order to try to defeat George Bush in the 2000 elections). And not forgetting that money influences votes (Nelson and Landrieu), there will be a mass campaign to get the House and Senate to vote for “Obama’s Immigration Reform.” It’ll be ‘unprecedented” and the immigration problem “critical” to the American economy. Remember Rahm Emanuel’s words, “Waste no crisis.”

Immigration Reform will be the next crisis coming to a neighborhood near you.


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