Everyone was on Vacation?

We know Obama was on vacation. We got glimpse of him on the golf course. We know that Michael Leiter also was on vacation skiing.  Hillary Clinton also was in Hawaii on vacation. So you have three important people that deal with national security on vacation when a threat is made against the United States. But it gets even worse. Not only were these three on vacation at the same time, the head of the CIA, John Penetta, was vacationing in Monterey, Calfornia. And Penetta’s deputy director, Stephen Kappes, also was MIA. And ALL FIVE “managed” the situation by telephone!

But none of them felt the situation with the attempted bombing of Flight 253 was worth cutting their vacations short. They only felt an air of urgency until they came back from their Christmas vacations.

John Brennan stated that letting Leiter continue with his vacation with his son who was celebrating his 7th birthday took priority over a national security situation.

Denis McDonough, National Security Staff Chief of Staff, chimed in that Leiter’s vacation “did not affect in any way his ability to remain engaged with all elements of the United States Government.”

Of course. He could “Twitter” anything non-serious as someone placing an explosive in his underwear and trying to blow up a plane. How silly of any of us who thinks that the administration can’t multi-task.

I was pleased to hear that Obama felt that “the buck stopped here” but the problem was he  didn’t think the “buck” was worth his time. And obviously the rest of the Obama administration didn’t think so as well.

It’s only now that Obama has showed the urgency of the situation and declared that we are at war against “those who hate us.” But at Christmas time he apparently didn’t think we were at war. He felt his only war was with Republicans. This is only another sample of the complacency of this administration. This complacency will get us killed.


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