Skiing Leitner to the Unemployment Line

It took Barack Obama 3 days to respond to the thwarted bombing on Flight 253 but it took Michael Leiter, the chief of the National Counterterrorism Center, 8 days because he decided to stay on his skiing vacation instead of dealing with the national emergency. Leitner felt it was sufficient just to “call home” instead of halting his vacation. Of course Obama should have suggested curtailing Lietner’s vacation, but it’s not like Obama would take his own advice.

But there again, Michael Leitner doesn’t seem to be the man for the job when he doesn’t even have the confidence to fight terrorism. Leitner, told NPR right before Christmas:

And ironically, it was Leitner’s own agency that flubbed the ball on this. Instead of slamming national security for missing the signs of this planned attack, Obama should fire Michael Leitner. The reason the attack failed had nothing to do with anything Leitner did, but by the grace of God that the detonator failed. Well, Leitner failed at his job and Obama did as well by hiring this inept man.

But in all fairness, Leitner is a hold over from the Bush administration and the Obama administration is probably going to use him as a scapegoat in order to justify their own ineptness


2 Responses to “Skiing Leitner to the Unemployment Line”

  1. Scapegoat or whatever,get him the he– off the job he’s so blantantly not doing…

    • But if Obama’s going to consider firing Geithner, he’s going to have to look at a lot of the other cabinet members…..or even his Czars. They’re all totally inept at their jobs.

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