What Happened to Heathcare Bill Legislation Being Televised on C-Span?

Well, isn’t that what Obama promised?

Candidate Barack Obama: “When I’m elected president you’re going to see this health care legislation written in the open. It’s going to be on C-SPAN, and you’ll be able to see all the different people arguing to see whether they’re on your side or they’re on the side of the drug companies and the insurance companies and so on. But you’ll be able to see that process on C-SPAN.”

Well, it looks like C-Span hasn’t forgotten that promise either. They’re asking for Obama to get the legislation out of the closet and in front of the viewing audience. But even Congress is balking at the idea instead wanting to keep negotiations only between the Democrats, leaving out the Republicans

Congressional leaders, however, reportedly are expected to bypass the traditional conference committee process, in which lawmakers from both parties and chambers meet to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of a bill. Instead, The Associated Press reports that top Democrats at the House, Senate and White House will figure out the final product in three-way talks before sending it back to both chambers for a final vote. FOX

So what happened to Congress’s working together and Obama’s “bringing parties together?” Folks, if you don’t realize it by now,  Obama and Congress has made no attempt for bi-partisanship and they’re not about to start now. Thus you will not be seeing the negotiation process on the TV screen in your living room any time soon.

Welcome to Obamaland!


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