Obama’s Iron Curtin

In the past few months there has been several security breaches yet the Obama White House has refused to address the issues or been lax in dealing with them. These are the charges being made by NY’s  Rep. Peter King, who is the leading Republican on the House Homeland Committee.

The Obama administration’s handling of the Christmas Day terror plot has been “schizophrenic” says King. “It’s reflective of their handling of other incidents. They still haven’t given us any information on Fort Hood. Even with the gate crashers, they’ve refused to give us on information on communications between the White House social secretary and the Secret Service. They’re giving us nothing and Democrats in Congress are very reluctant to have any meaningful investigations.” Politics, not national security, is driving these decisions, says King. “They’re holding back because they don’t want to share embarrassing material.” National Review

King blames political correctness on these Home Land Security problems but I can’t agree. I feel that the Obama administration is still in the mental warp that terrorism doesn’t exist in the sense of  evil vs the United States, but that it’s still on the level of common everyday crime and to be treated as such.

As of this posting, Obama is still on vacation in Hawaii and his handlers are trying to paint him as a president who can balance handling national security problems with a vacation.

Obama still isn’t seeing the seriousness of the problems that have been happening as of late. He tossed off the security breach at the White House. Yet, if an attack occurred at the White House, he’d be tossing blame, but by then it could be too late.

If the attack on Christmas has accomplished it’s goal, Obama would have been blaming the Bush administration for the intelligence failure. Yet now, with his lack of resolute, he’ll be considered complicit if any serious attack on our nation happens in the coming year.

Obama needs to deal with the breach of security at the White House. Let’s be honest. He knew the Salahi’s and  their background would not allowed them to be in attendence at the reception.

Obama needs to be more helpful when it comes to dealing with the murder at Fort Hood. Information that came out clearly shows the man is a terrorist and not just some disgruntled employee on a rampage of revenge. The Major had been influenced by radical Islamic teachings and created his own Jihad. Obama needs to face that so that the military can start going through their own ranks (and yes, profile) those who might be another risk to our soldiers in uniform.

Obama also has to stop using the word “alleged” when it comes to the attack on Flight 253. As Representative King said, “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was an Islamic terrorist, not an isolated extremist.”” And until Obama gets his head out of the sand, we are in danger of another attack occuring.

There again, Obama’s head is not in the sand at all. I truly feel his goal is the destruction of this country from within as well as without. EVERY step he’s made only has lead to the weakening of our economy as well as the weakening of our national defense and security.

Wake up, America! We have a serious problem!


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