Dems Falling By the Wayside

It seems like the Democrats have heard the tolling of the death knoll and are deciding against running against Republicans in some states.

State Sen. Laura Kelly (D) just announced her withdrawal from the race to face Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.). She becomes the fifth formidable recruit to bow out in recent weeks. The Hill

But what’s intriquing was Kelly’s reasoning behind withdrawing

“I have been forced to make a decision between honoring the pledge I made to the people in my Senate district and my firm conviction that the people of the 2nd congressional district deserve a truly independent voice in Congress”

Translation: She’s a Party hack! And she knew that the people in Kansas was going to send her home packing.

As liberal as some Americans are, they’re seeing through the garbage they’ve been seeing the past months with the healthcare bill. They’ve seen that in spite of the public’s opposition to Obamacare, that their own Senators and Representatives have continually given them the “middle finger.” So now those “independent” voices are returning the same gesture.


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