And Americans Still Don’t Approve of Obama

Obama started off the year with an approval rating of 61%. Both Bushs’ approval ratings were higher with George W at 90% and  George H W with 89%. Considering Obama was swept into office on the wind of change, it would have been thought that the wind would have tossed his approval ratings close to what the Bush’s had gained.

But even the Economist is showing Obama’s poll numbers below 50%, in fact at 45% and they’re the ones who have been holding off on the low numbers compared to other pollsters.

But at least Obama, thus far, is not in the company of those with the lowest numbers of some presidents like Truman at 23%. George H. W. Bush eventually sank to 29%. Carter hit 28%, and Nixon was at 24% before he resigned.(Yahoo) Obama still has a way to tumble and tumble he will.


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