Suicide Bomber Kills 7 CIA Agents and Obama is Silent

Where’s the outrage?

 KABUL (Reuters) – A suicide bomber penetrated a base used by the CIA in Afghanistan and killed seven officers from the U.S. intelligence agency, the second deadliest attack in CIA history and its worst in the eight-year-old Afghan war. Yahoo

And where is Barack Obama? Dashing in the waves of Hanama Bay still on vacation. And he never moved a muscle when the attempted bombing of the Northwest airline on Christmas Day. It took him three days to respond even to that.

It’s becoming more than evident that Obama doesn’t see that we are at war with Islamic terrorism. Besides sugar-coating the name (man made catastrophy), he still persists on treating terrorism as if it were common thuggery that occurs in the streets of Chicago.

This man is a threat to national security. When are people going to wake up?

[UPDATE] Obama came through in support of the CIA. He took his busy time on the beach of Hawaii to write a letter of condolences to the CIA itself. Man, what a guy!


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