What’s the Difference Between the Two Speeches?

On September 11, 2001 President Bush got up on the podium and talked to America saying…

On December 28, 2009 Barack Obama got up in the news conference and talked to America saying….

What are the differences between the two speeches?

1. a) George Bush’s speech showed compassion and emotion regarding the attack

     b) Barack Obama’s speech lacked emotion and spoke as if he had just bogied his golf game

2. a) George Bush directly called the attackers terrorists and the act perpetrated as terrorism

     b) Barack Obama talked about an “alleged” attack

3. a) George Bush invoked God and even offered up a consoling Bible verse

     b) Barack Obama forgot about God

4. a) George Bush made the speech to America on the same day as attack

     b) Barack Obama waited until 3 days later to “assure” Americans of our safety

5. a) George Bush called the attackers “terrorists”

     b) Barack Obama didn’t want to come to conclusions (until the next day)

6. a) George Bush wore a complete suit, showing himself as being presidential

     b) Barack Obama didn’t feel the occasion deserved a tie

7. a) George Bush took the time to ONLY talk about the attack

     b) Barack Obama also used the time to talk about the demonstrations in Iran, thus decreasing the importance of the attempted bombing

8. a) Bush never blamed Clinton for not grabbing bin Laden when he had the chance

     b) Obama blamed Bush for the “system failure.”


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