Germany’s Angela Merkel Supports Iran’s Freedom Fighters and Obama…..?

The German Chancellor chided the Iranian government for the violence against the protestors and request for dialogue between the two.

DW World reported:

In a strong statement to the press on Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the actions of Iran’s state security services “unacceptable.”

She called on them to “avoid any further escalation of the violence and to pursue political dialogue to peacefully settle internally disputed matters,” and also to respect their commitment to the International Pact on Civil and Political Rights, which guarantees the right to peaceful protest.

Meanwhile, Obama showed a weak attempt at voicing concerns over the fraudulent election results in Iran. And he has yet to show any support for the Iranian citizens who are fighting for their own freedom of speech.

Obama’s silence is very telling of his kowtowing to the whims of  Iran, not wanting to rock the boat. For some reason, he thinks his silence will bring about a desired result of the removal of the nuclear facilities in Iran. Please tell me where in history, that bending over like a servant ever got anything but a kick in the butt.



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