Correction: System Didn’t Work – It’s Bush’s Fault

Now Napolitano says her comments were taken out of context, that she meant how it was handled AFTER the terrorist was detained. She said that they [the administration] contacted the right people afterwards. Well, gee, I hope so.

But she also said that the system that was put in place after 2006 is what failed  (hmm, who was president then….I’m thinking).

But let’s put this in the right perspective. Who thought the word “Terrorism” should be wiped off  Washington’s vocabulary? Who wanted to “criminalize” terrorism to the level of common street thuggery? No, they system didn’t fail. The present administration’s attitude towards terrorism failed.

Granted, the authorities should have had this guy on the Do-Not Fly List, but to have the audacity to blame the  previous adminitration is absurd. How long is it going to take the Obama Administration to start taking responsibility for their own actions?


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