The System Worked?

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano came out three times yesterday lauding how the “System Worked” when it came to  stopping the terrorist attack on the Northwest Flight from Amsterdam.

What system? You mean the one that didn’t have the Christmas bomber on any terror watch list or the do-not fly list? Would you still be saying this ludicrous story if the terrorist had actually detonated the bomb? The only thing that prevented an explosion and the destruction of the plane was a failed detonator. But what we have here is a failed government who failed to pre-empt a terrorist from getting on board the plane, in spite of the fact that the British wouldn’t allow him to go on any flight.

These people continue to show the incompetency of the Obama Administration.

And speaking of incompetency…..George Bush was chastised for sitting in a classroom when the planes hit the Towers, but the media doesn’t say squat about Obama continuing his vacation in Hawaii.

We just had a serious security breach and he goes and plays golf……another bit of incompetency.


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