The Death of Cap and Trade?

At least the Senate Democrats are suddenly viewing the coffers of the United States as getting lean. Suddenly, and I do mean “suddenly” they realized that just maybe Cap and Trade legislation needs to wait………until the economy is better. Evan Bayh’s  comment to the White House was:

“We need to deal with the phenomena of global warming, but I think it’s very difficult in the kind of economic circumstances we have right now.”

But is it more concern about the economy survival or their own political survival after having passed the healthcare boondoggle? These Democrats know they have to go home to their angry constituents with at least a bone in order to even hope they have a chance at re-election (and 2010 could prove to be a pinnacle year for many).

Obama’s ambition to pass some kind of healthcare bill has done serious political harm to the liberal Congress that helped him reach is goal. So the question remains, will Obama throw those congressmen under the bus in order to complete his political agenda?


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