Seedy Chicago Politics

Sometimes Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina surprises me. Seems like the man is actually growing a backbone. He’s finally standing up and calling what’s happening with the healthcare bill what everyone’s been thinking all along, “seedy Chicago politics,” where things move through greasing of palms and bribery.

When the only way you can get a bill passed is to bribe Senators, it is exactly what Graham is saying – Chicago politics. But in all fairness, that same style of politics has permeated Washington for decades.

Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett came out in a huff when Graham made the remark. But instead of addressing the charge head on, her response was:

“It was definitely a cheap shot and completely unwarranted,” said Jarrett, who is one of several Chicagoans to join the Obama administration. “I think what people ought to do is to focus on how they can be constructive in their discourse and present fresh ideas for the president’s consideration, and not lose focus on why they were all elected. They were elected to serve the people.” The Hill

But there is no denying that if Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut had not been pressured by the Senate Democrats and the White House, the bill never would have reached Cloture. And if Senator Mary Landrieu of Lousiana and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska had not received their “bribes” the Senate bill never would have passed.

So tell me where what happened in Congress wasn’t typical of that “seedy Chicago Politics.”


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