Obama Feels like He’s in a Bubble

According to Valerie Jarrett in her interview with TIME magazine, Barack and Michele Obama feel like their suffocating in the White House because they can’t go anywhere they want and do what they want without the tribe of security following them.

Jarrett said:

It still concerns him. He chafes. He’d love nothing better than to slip away and go into an old bookstore and meet a random stranger and have a conversation. So accepting that that part of his life has changed, probably forever, has taken some getting used to, and I’d say he’s still not used to it.

And when Valerie Jarrett was asked how “date night” is going she responded with

I don’t know if there was a single moment. I think it was a gradual evolution to realize how inconvenient it is to everybody else—whether it’s the street closures, or the restaurant having to dedicate a room, or just the infrastructure it takes to move them around. It takes some of the spontaneity and therefore some of the fun out of it. And I think they also realized that right here in the White House they have a movie theater and they can have friends come over. He’ll still surprise her from time to time and take her out. But I think that until you actually live here, you don’t realize how much effort it is for a lot of other people to move just the two of them around.

Jarrett also mentioned how Obama felt claustrophobic in the White House but…

Camp David has been terrific. The president and the first lady both enjoy being able to drive their own go-cart and feel some sense of independence. It doesn’t really feel like a bubble at Camp David. It’s just beautiful, and the girls can invite friends, and they can have privacy. To tell you the truth, I never hear Michelle complain at all, and the only thing the president says is that he wishes he could have that spontaneous exit from time to time.

TIME then asked Jarrett how that “church home” search was going to which she replied

Well, not as yet. But they have been to church [in Washington] a few times, and there’s a church at Camp David where they can go. Let’s face it, it’s a burden on the church to have the president and first lady visit. The congregation has to go through metal detectors.

I don’t know about anyone else but I really feel Obama’s pain. No one should have to suffer through traveling all over the world,

 having lavish parties,

living in a mansion

 and going on vacation in Hawaii

 and staying in $9 million mansions.

I appreciate the sacrifice Obama has made thus far in less than one year and feel he really shouldn’t make this sacrifice any longer. I would completely understand [sniff sniff] if he felt he had to step down and go back to civilian life.


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