Wishing for the Honeymoon to Come Back

When Obama was campaigning he spoke with great oratory skill of wanting to change the political environment of this country.  Though we weren’t yet in a recession, the writings were on the wall; many were weary of war. And Obama played on this with his hope and change message. He made unrealistic promises but the public and the media didn’t care. Anything was better than Bush……….was the mantra. The public went into an emotional whirl as if they had had a spiritual awakening. It didn’t matter what Obama said, it was all about hope and change. And this emotionalism catapulted Obama to the White House.

 But now it seems that the public actually expected Obama to deliver on his campaign promises. But the voters were told they wouldn’t have any tax increases unless they made over $250,000 a year, and most made far below that. The more time went by, the more people were taking a second look at their wallets. They never expected the bailouts of the auto industry and Wall Street. They could have accepted the Stimulus package because there was a promise of jobs, but that never materialized. All that was shown was that the union workers working on the highways had the jobs, but not the average person.

 Then came the struggle for the healthcare bill and the battle between the Democrats / Obama and the Republicans. And so far no one really knows what’s in that bill except they know their taxes will go up the day the bill becomes law……and they can’t use the insurance until 2014.

Many expected Obama to keep his promise to pull out of Afghanistan. And now that Obama reluctantly decided to send 30,000 troops in, the extreme left is livid with him. They also expected him to deal with gays in the military and at least show some interest in the gay marriage issue. But he hasn’t. They expected Gitmo to be emptied upon Obama’s inauguration. Now the earliest that could happen is in 2011. And the more time goes on, to the Left he’s looking like a redux of George Bush. That’s not making the Left happy at all.

 The group that Obama disappointed the most was the blacks who lived in the inner cities. So much of his campaign was geared to them. He made so many promises, being the first black president. He made them think that with him in the White House, they finally had a voice, a loud voice that would finally be listened to. But nothing happened. Blacks had come out to vote in record numbers only to be disappointed. Obama promised them the moon and they didn’t even get moon rocks.

 Gone are the days of hope and change. The hope of the left is gone and the change is not what the left expected. And the others who are equally disappointed are the independents who supported Barack Obama. These are the voters who catapulted Obama to the White House. They thought they had “bought” someone who would institute a transparent government, an open and ethical administration. But it’s been so secretive that only the information the White House wants released to the media is released. There’s no such thing as leaks coming form this White House. Everything is done in secret including the activities of the numerous czars who can’t be held accountable to Congress for anything they do.

 It’s not that the honeymoon is over but that the bride was ignored after day one. The groom is still celebrating his victory, but with his own Chicago cronies, leaving the bride in the bedroom by herself.

 It’s now time to consider a divorce. Not only was the wedding night a time of being screwed, it also began the period of continual rape.


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