Why This Executive Order?

I found it puzzling that Obama would write an executive order in the dead of night that would give privileges, exemptions and immunities to INTERPOL. But he did exactly that. 

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words “except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act” and the semicolon that immediately precedes them.

 Here’s the text of 2(c), which this EO now has applying to INTERPOL:

 (c) Property and assets of international organizations, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, unless such immunity be expressly waived, and from confiscation. The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable.

 An INTERPOL branch in the US now cannot be searched, it’s files are not subject to legal subpoena nor discovery.  If any branch of government wants to keep documents out of the hands of the court system, just hand them over to INTERPOL until the smoke clears.

 INTERPOL will now be able to maintain files on US citizens.

 By this EO, Obama has conferred diplomatic immunity upon INTERPOL, exemption from being subject to search and seizure by law enforcement, exemption from US taxes, and immunity from FOIA requests, etc.

 Obama just declared INTERPOL records immune from search and seizure — “The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable.”

 Why would we elevate an international police force above American law? Why would we immunize an international police force from the limitations that constrain the FBI and other American law-enforcement agencies? Why is it suddenly necessary to have, within the Justice Department, a repository for stashing government files which, therefore, will be beyond the ability of Congress, American law-enforcement, the media, and the American people to scrutinize? National Review

 [Update] I wasn’t the only one who thought this EO was rather suspicious and the motive behind it suspect. The Blog Flopping Aces did some research and came up with some interesting points. I could summerize it for you, but I think I’m just going to let you get the full impact of the conclusions. Friends, this executive order was done in the darkest of night for a reason, not for the mere reason of Obama being able to write such an order. And it’s just as diabolical as we thought it might be.

 This posits two very specific avenues of benefits for a hands-off INTERPOL, and even a possible re’signatory status – even if not ratified – on the ICC treaty. The first allows this POTUS to cooperate with this int’l court system by sending Americans accused of war crimes elsewhere to stand trial, while effectively telling the nation that his hands are “tied”. (keep that thought in mind and ask yourself one question — Who do the liberals want to charge with war crimes?) 

What better way for Obama to accomplish his promise to seek “justice” upon the prior administration – from President Bush to any defense department personnel in his sights – to appease his far left base, and still do the traditional Pontius Pilate washing of hands of guilt?

 The second is this just may be a great dumping ground for future enemy combatants… alleviating this POTUS of the repercussions of an unsuccessful and controversial prosecution in the US federal justice system.

 Both potential “int’l law” scenarios are a win win for the Obama extreme left base – a group feeling they’ve been abandoned by a “central” Obama. To this day, they thirst for Bush’s blood, and those in his administration. Obama can use the int’l court system and regulations to virtually hand them Bush’s head. Voila… a surprise campaign promise fulfilled.

 As for Gitmo, for a POTUS who’s greatest skill is voting “present” and passing the buck of responsibility to others, Obama would be grateful not to fill up the cell blocks of a new “Gitmo” located on US soil if he could simply pass them off to the ICC. He again washes his hands of any ill-treatment in the hands of international authorities. If this is the case, there will be some new ROE following soon.

 Time will perhaps reveal more what the Obama admin has planned with this subterfuge. Until then, were I the former admin members, I’d be keeping a watchful eye over my shoulder. But what I am most sure about is this Executive Order is not to benefit INTERPOL – who has functioned for decades without these immunities. Executive Order #13524 is all about the power of “appearing powerless” in the court of public opinion.

 Friends, this administration operates on the principles of Chicago politics and they have every desire to hand over George Bush to Interpol just like  Jesus was handed over to Pontius Pilate.

[UPDATE- for clarification] CNS NEWS

The original law, the International Organizations Immunities Act, was enacted by Congress in 1945. The act has been altered three times by executive order — by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, by President Bill Clinton in 1995 and by Obama last month.
In 1983, Reagan extended immunity from lawsuits to Interpol, which held its annual meeting that year in the United States.
In 1995, Clinton gave Interpol immunity from paying federal income taxes and custom duties.
Obama’s executive order extends immunity to include protecting Interpol’s records and documents from public view through FOIA or other means


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