The Fawning Obama Media Quotes of 2009

Now that we’re closing on 2009 it is good to reflect upon the words of people who made you bug your eyes out, cough nervously and gag. I’m talking about those quotes of people who fawned over Barack Obama, placing him on som messianic pedastal. Thanks to the Media Research Center, we have those infamous words.

“We know that wind can make a cold day feel colder, but can national pride make a freezing day feel warmer? It seems to be the case because regardless of the final crowd number estimates, never have so many people shivered so long with such joy. From above, even the seagulls must have been awed by the blanket of humanity.” ABC’s Bill Weir on World News, January 20

“What a day it was. It may take days or years to really absorb the significance of what happened to America today….When he [Barack Obama] finally emerged, he seemed, even in this throng, so solitary, somber, perhaps already feeling the weight of the world, even before he was transformed into the leader of the free world….The mass flickering of cell phone cameras on the Mall seemed like stars shining back at him.”
NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on the January 20 Nightly News

“It was a giant love fest….When Barack Obama started to speak, I was right in the middle of the crowd. People were crying, they were laughing, they were cheering. Suddenly someone would just come up and hug you. It was just amazing. It was like you’re standing in the middle of these strangers, and all of a sudden you had a million friends around you. That’s what it felt like yesterday.”CNN’s Carol Costello on the January 21 American Morning, recounting her experience at Obama’s inauguration

“The legislative achievements have been stupendous — the $789 billion stimulus bill, the budget plan that is still being hammered out (and may, ultimately, include the next landmark safety net program, universal health insurance). There has also been a cascade of new policies to address the financial crisis — massive interventions in the housing and credit markets, a market based plan to buy the toxic assets that many banks have on their books, a plan to bail out the auto industry and a strict new regulatory regime proposed for Wall Street. Obama has also completely overhauled foreign policy, from Cuba to Afghanistan. ‘In a way, Obama’s 100 days is even more dramatic than Roosevelt’s,’ says Elaine Kamarck of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. ‘Roosevelt only had to deal with a domestic crisis. Obama has had to overhaul foreign policy as well, including two wars. And that’s really the secret of why this has seemed so spectacular.’” Time’s Joe Klein in the magazine’s May 4 cover story on Barack Obama’s first 100 days as President.

“It didn’t take long for Barack Obama — for all his youth and inexperience — to get acclimated to his new role as the calming leader of a country in crisis….Rookie jitters? Far from it….For the past three months, Obama has spoken in firm, yet soothing tones. Sometimes he has used a just folks approach to identify with economically struggling citizens. He has displayed wonkish tendencies, too, appearing much like the college instructor he once was while discussing the intricacies of the economic collapse. He has engaged in witty banter, teasing lawmakers, staffers, journalists and citizens alike. He has struck a statesmanlike stance, calling for a renewed partnership between the United States and its allies….”
AP Washington correspondent Liz Sidoti in an April 25 dispatch, “Obama quickly, confidently adapts to presidency.”

“There were ghosts in that chamber tonight, the other Presidents who tried to reform the health care system and failed. From Teddy Roosevelt, to Harry Truman, to Bill Clinton who came to Congress 16 years ago this month with his plan….There was another ghost in the chamber tonight, the spirit of Senator Ted Kennedy, who fought for decades for universal care….At the end, President Obama sought to draw on the grand rhetorical tradition of President Kennedy and others, trying to summon the country to a great and necessary endeavor.” Co anchor Terry Moran reporting on Obama’s health care speech to Congress on ABC’s Nightline, September 9

Of course you notice this is all from the media, the media that is supposed to REPORT the news, not BE the news.

It’s funny how the media has made a god out of Barack Obama yet the public approval rate at the end of the year teeters on 46%, a vast difference from Inauguration Day of 68%. Seems the public isn’t buying into the media hype as much as the media is.

With the likelihood that we will see healthcare in some form, and the taxes levied (and the plan not in effect until 2014), it’ll be interesting what 2010 will bring forth. All the House is up for re-election and they have to be biting their nails as they go back home with their tails between their legs facing the angry faces of their constitents. Will 2010 bring about a change in the face of the House? Will those Senators, up for re-election, be facing their own Waterloo? Riding on Obama’s coat tails probably won’t be a good idea for the liberals.


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