While Playing Doctor, What is Obama Doing to Protect Us?

Health care has always been the number one issue with Obama and that was stated during the campaign. And any mention of national defense were trivialized down to a few words about pulling out of Iraq and mumble mumble…Afghanistan. And this during a time when national healthcare was not the critical issue of this country whereas Iraq and Afghanistan should have remained on the platter for the White House.

Meanwhile, Obama’s decided to close Gitmo, releasing some of the terrorists back to their home countries and other host companies….knowing full well that a portion of them will return to the battlefield to kill Americans again.

Then he’s going to put KSM (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) on trial, charging him as he would a street thug, in New York, just blocks from Ground Zero. Here the man will get his soapbox where he can then vocalize his propaganda. Attorney General Eric Holder assures us that KSM will be found guilty, but nothing is a guarantee. How can the security of this country be played with so lightly?

Barack Obama has already started pulling out troops from Iraq…………too soon. So far they are holding their own but Iran’s playing the “line in the sand” number with the takeover of the oil field on the border, just testing us, seeing if we’ll react. I assure you we won’t. Obama will say it’s Iraq’s problem to solve now.

And how many months did it take Obama to consider sending 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to have a surge against the Taliban and al Qaeda? And then those same troops won’t arrive their until the summer. This was nothing more than an attempt to placate the Right. As much as it did somewhat, it is tool little too late.

This lackluster approach to self-defense is disheartening and frightening as well. Obama will end up in history as the placater instead of our protector. God help us!


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