Obama Invokes Jesus to Support Redistribution of Wealth

Jesus said in the Bible to “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me” (Matthew 19:14) but no where did He ever say to use those children to draw political points. And that’s what Obama did when he did his mini-sermon at the Northeast Washington Boys & Girls Club.

Obama decided to talk about his version of what Christmas was all about. He asked the children why we celebrate Christmas. A very astute child said it was because of the birth of Jesus Christ. Two stars for that little one. I would have expected someone to pipe up about Santa Claus and presents.

First of all, can you imagine if George Bush had decided to talk about Jesus in a public setting? The Liberals and even the ACLU would have been all over him about separation of church and state. This mini-sermon happened a few days ago. Nope, no ACLU outrage so far. I hear crickets!

But then Obama’s revisionism began by asking the same children what they thought Jesus “symbolized” to the rest of the world. What? There’s no symbolism. Jesus was about salvation of the world, nothing more, nothing less! Then he went into a tirade about “treating people with respect.” So Jesus came to teach us to be nice to people? Really? Whatever happened to atonement for sin and not just some example of charitable giving?

But the real kicker is when he talked about the three wisemen and how these men, rich beyond belief, went such a long distance “just to see a baby.” Just to see a baby? Really? Just an ordinary baby? Me thinks Obama needs to read his Bible (wondering if he even has one) which says they knew EXACTLY who this baby was, namely the prophecied MESSIAH.

And if that doesn’t get your gall, then his conclusion was that “just because you’re rich, that’s not what is important. It is the kind of spirit you have.”

The real meaning of the Christmas season can be wrapped up in one verse, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son.” THAT is the greatest love of all.

Maybe Obama needs to blow the dust off his Bible.

People like Obama like to say that Jesus was a socialist because he believed in “the redistribution of wealth”. You can look as deeply in the Bible you want and you’ll never even see a note that incinuates that. Jesus was for the INDIVIDUAL to help a person in need. He told people to give the coat off their back, not the government to take the coat off your back and give it to someone else whom they deem worthy.

And the only reference to government was when Jesus was approached by Pharisees in hope of tricking Him and He said, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21)

Jesus talked about personal responsibilty, not government responsibility. And Jesus only rebuked a rich man because he put his money above his spiritual wealth.

Obama shouldn’t give up his day job. He makes a lousy preacher. There again, he’s not so great at his day job either.


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