Democrat Breaking Ranks. Is it a Trend?

House Democrat Parker Griffith of Alabama decided to change his political affiliation to Republican today citing, “Unfortunately there are those in the Democratic Leadership that continue to push an agenda focused on massive new spending, tax increases, bailouts and a health care bill that is bad for our healthcare system.”

Griffith voted against the health care bill in the House so his party switch will make no difference in the final bill, but does this begin the division within Congress? Will more Blue Dogs follow suit?

The bad news is that he seems to be joining the ranks of the RINOs because he’s not fiscally conservative by a long shot. While he voted against Obama’s first budget, he voted for nine of the twelve spending bills that make up the budget. He voted for the omnibus bill,  Cash for Clunkers and voted against every stimulus amendment that would reduce its size.

So the RINO ranks have increased,  not the conservative ranks.


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