And for Those Who Said There Was No Death Panel….


2 ‘‘SEC. 1899A. (a) ESTABLISHMENT.—There is

3established an independent board to be known as the

4 ‘Independent Medicare Advisory Board’.

5 ‘‘(b) PURPOSE.—It is the purpose of this section to,

6 in accordance with the following provisions of this section,

7 reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare


9 ‘‘(1) by requiring the Chief Actuary of the

10Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to determine

11 in each year to which this section applies (in this

12 section referred to as ‘a determination year’) the

13 projected per capita growth rate under Medicare for

14 the second year following the determination year (in

15 this section referred to as ‘an implementation year’);

16 ‘‘(2) if the projection for the implementation

17 year exceeds the target growth rate for that year, by

18 requiring the Board to develop and submit during

19 the first year following the determination year (in

20 this section referred to as ‘a proposal year’) a

21proposal containing recommendations to reduce the

22 Medicare per capita growth rate to the extent

23re2quired by this section; and…

It would seem that the government will become the ultimate actuaries.

And when the actuaries are the same people deciding on who can get what treatment, when they are tasked with reducing costs, things can get pretty dicey.

But here’s another twist. It would appear that the Death Panels are un-killable.

From page 1020 in this same section of the Senate bill:



7 LEGISLATION.—It shall not be in order in the Senate or

8 the House of Representatives to consider any

9 bill, resolution, amendment, or conference

10 report (other than pursuant to this section) that

11 would repeal or otherwise change the

12 recommendations of the Board if that change

13 would fail to satisfy the requirements of

14  subparagraphs (A)(i) and (C) of subsection (c)(2).


16 SUBSECTION.—It shall not be in order in the

17 Senate or the House of Representatives to

18 consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or

19 conference report that would repeal or otherwise

20 change this subsection.

21 ‘‘(D) WAIVER.—This paragraph may be

22 waived or suspended in the Senate only by the

23 affirmative vote of three-fifths of the Members,

24 duly chosen and sworn.

page 1001 of  The BILL

Which just goes to show how vitally important this supposedly non-existent ‘death panel’ and its future edicts are to the Democrats

Btw, can anyone say “Sarah Palin was right?”


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