Could it Be True? The Liberals Don’t Like Obamacare?

So when we go and march on Washington in protest of the new health care bill, we might actually have a bipartisan demonstration? We could do what Washington could only have hoped for?

It seems that people were very outspoken on Al Sharpton’s show stating the bill wasn’t what they were promised.

From the program:

(CALLER) CRYSTAL (3:00): What happened to the campaign promise where we were going to have health reform with health insurance that mimicked what congressmen and US Senators have? What happened to that idea?

Because on the basis of what I see being proposed now and passed and voted on leads me thinking that we’ve been lied to.

We’ve been hoodwinked.

SHARPTON: Well, I think what happened to it is first of all we did not get it, let’s start there, and let’s be straight up. We did not get what was promised.

Now, why we didn’t get it is because a lot of people in the Senate did not come and back the proposals that came out of the campaign. Let us remember, the deals that were cut to get sixty Democratic votes.

So, where I can see not only disappointment in the White House, we got to be disappointed in Democratic members of the U.S. Senate

What we are witnessing is buyer’s remorse within the ranks of the black community. The polls may still be showing a vast support for Obama in the black community, but now we’re starting to see some vocalization of non-support. And they’re calling into Al Sharpton’s show.

DR BOYCE WATKINS (33:01): The other issue Obama has to run into though is that the people his plans are targeted to help, they’re not getting help. The average rank-and-file American is seeing the unemployment rate continue to rise. It dropped a little bit, but it is still very high.

African-Americans, we’re seen our unemployment rate spiral out of control to the point that the Congressional Black Caucus had to come after him.

So, when you talk about having a base of people that believe in what you’re doing, I’m not sure the President really has that now. So his attacks on Wall Street, they do make sense.

The question is whether or not they are actually going to work because they do understand that at the end of the day they don’t really have to listen to the president, so I’m wondering where he is going to get his power from.

So we just might get our Million Man March on Washington and it’ll be as diverse as the rainbow racially and politically. Hmmm.


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