Merry Christmas from Senator Tom Harkins

Once the Senate voted on the Healthcare bill, he said this was a Christmas present to America. Giving this as a Christmas present to America is like giving your mother, who owns a car with good mileage and low maintenance another car for Christmas. But the caveat is first, that even though it was a gift, she would have to pay for it and the price is triple what ordinarily would cost. And the other problem is she couldn’t drive it for four years. And once she can drive it, she will find out she won’t be able to get all the parts needed when something goes wrong with it. In fact, depending upon the mileage, she may or may not be able to get it fixed. And that is IF she can find a mechanic that would be willing to fix it.

A gift like that you want to give back to the giver and tell him to shove it.


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